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We’re going to be out of the country on July 4th this year. It’s sad in a way, because I love July 4th!  I love watching the fireworks, any fireworks, but especially the TV shows from Boston and New York.  I can be in the comfort of my own home and have a great view!  Yes, not the same as in person, but I love it anyway.  Which do you prefer?  Watching in person, or on TV?    Anyway, John has a business trip to Prague, and I’m going with him.  I couldn’t pass that up, could I?  So in honor of the holiday, here are some interesting flag houses I found for you to enjoy:






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And last, the American Flag house that is probably the most famous, right from our future retirement city!  There were many stories about it around the internet, supposedly the owner, builder Brandon Spear painted it this color in protest because he couldn’t fly the flag on his house.  But that story is not exactly true.  He wanted to restore the home, but the windows he chose weren’t up to “historical code”, and the local building inspectors wouldn’t let him put them in.  The windows he was supposed to use would have cost one-third of the restoration budget!  So, since the building code didn’t say anything about what color the old Victorian should be painted, and as a sort of protest against what he said are unfair regulations, he painted one of his homes black, and one this way, with an American flag theme.

Stars and Stripes housewtmk

It’s my favorite!    Hope you have a wonderful holiday!


  1. Chrissy says:

    I think I like watching the fireworks on TV the best, although it is fun (but loud!) to be at a fireworks show. I love the flag houses! I wonder if people leave them painted that way long-term.

  2. With so many people coming under fire from Homeowner’s Associations about displaying their flag, this is the ultimate way to speak your mind and show your patriotism. Fight back with a Paint Brush! If I wasn’t allowed to display my flag, I would definitely be considering this option! :)

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