We’re Getting a Metal Building



John wants to put up a metal building.  Yeah, I know, not very pretty.  That’s exactly what I was thinking.

metal building 3

Kind of plain, kind of boring.

Metal building 1

I think the term I used when I was trying to talk him out of it was ugly.

Yeah, yeah, it has some advantages.  We have three boats.  And we have a tractor.  And a four-wheeler. And a Gator.  (future blog post on the Gator.)  And where do these things sit?  The tractor and other vehicles are now in the garage, BUT, when we start bringing down our bins in anticipation of our move to the Crab Shack, the bins will need to go in the garage, and the vehicles will be out on the lawn.  Along with the three boats on trailers.  That’s a LOT of STUFF!  It’ll be a mess.

So yeah, I get it now.  All these things can go in the metal building (also called steel buildings) and be nice and neat, out of the way.  And if you want to know the truth, the building will be on our property, but outside our main gates, over by the wind turbine. (Also future blog post on the wind turbine.)  So we’ll really only see it when we’re driving in or out on the shared road.  That’s not too bad.  And here are what some of the nicer metal buildings look like:

metal building 2

metal building 4


I can hardly believe this one even IS a metal building!  Ours will look like the previous one, only with one big door in the front and one on each of the sides.  But it will be green and white, and the green will run along the bottom like this one has the red.  Also we’ll have two cupolas on the top and quite a few windows with shutters.  So hopefully it won’t look too commercial.

While doing some research on them, I found out there are some benefits to them; they are very durable, being both heat and cold resistant,  they are very cost-effective compared to a conventional building and there are virtually no labor costs, since it is pre-fabricated and just assembled on site.  Also, there is no waste, it is 100% recyclable.  They are also insect resistant, although I wish there was a product in general to keep insects from flying inside open doors!  But that’s another story.  And maybe the biggest benefit, you can design a metal building to fit your needs exactly.  If you need an extra large door to accommodate your boat, or a complex interior to fit farm machinery,  you can choose from a wide variety of options.  Here’s an odd one:

metal building 5

Almost everybody down on the Eastern Shore seems to have a metal building.  When you have a lot of land, you need a lot of “stuff.”  Lawn equipment, boats, trailers, horses, there are tons of reasons to have a metal building.  And I guess we’re going to have one too.


  1. Sounds like a good place to store lots of outdoorsy stuff. (Although maybe you should get some horses too.) :-) I wish more things were insect resistant!

    • Ha, thanks for the suggestion. Been there, done that. We’ll see how the metal building goes, we’re going this weekend to design and order it!

  2. I hadn’t ever even considered living in a metal building; it just gives off the feeling of living in a shed. However, this article made me reconsider. The fact that metal buildings are energy efficient, entirely recyclable, easy to build, and durable suddenly makes them pretty appealing. Plus, some of the houses you included actually look really nice! Thanks for opening my eyes.

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