Cleaning Out the Attic



As you know, we’ve been getting our house ready to be put on the market (next spring) and we will move down to our “Crab Shack” in Maryland where we will be building our (semi) retirement dream home.

And as you also probably know, cleaning out the “stuff” from some 20 plus years in one house can be daunting!  John and Jackson (our son) have been bringing me down boxes from the attic, so that I can go through them a few at a time.

Boxes from the Attic


Some, over the past couple of weeks, have been easy to go through.  Old clothes that (sadly) I will never fit in again.  Or old shoes that I wouldn’t want to fit into.  Today, I came upon three boxes of photo books. Three Boxes.  From the time before the digital camera.  Can you imagine how many pictures didn’t make the books?  Probably thousands!  I spent more time looking at pictures yesterday and today than I did packing.

Wedding Book

Do couples today still have a wedding album?  Or is it all on a CD.  Or a DVD?  It makes sense, since we all look at our pictures on our computers and devices now.  But still, there is something nice about sitting with a big, heavy photo album in your lap.

Photo Books 032Here’s my sister.  She passed away, it was 11 years this month!

Photo Books 030It was such a happy day for our parents too.  Sadly, the four of them are no longer with us either.

Photo Books 034And the priest let everybody come up to watch us say our vows.  It was pretty special.

Jackson's Baby BookHere’s Jackson’s baby book.  I know, it’s kind of dirty.  And the pages are falling out!

Jackson's one year book

Look how big it is.  And this is only up to his FIRST BIRTHDAY!


Here’s Jackson on his second day of life.   Look at that head of hair! The nurses were parting it before the week was out.  Big baby, 10 lbs. 14 oz.!  I was happy about it, since I never handled a newborn before.  I didn’t feel like he was going to break every time I picked him up.

Jackson first birthday         Photo Books 012








Here was one of his first birthday cake celebrations!  (He had four that year, we didn’t live close to our family and friends and they all made separate trips up to celebrate with us and him.)

Photo Books 008Here’s his “formal” one year old picture.  We did that every month, went to Penney’s or Sears and had a professional picture taken for his birthday.  Like we didn’t take enough of them ourselves!  Such a cutie!

Photo Books 013        Photo Books 016

This one on the left is his next photo book.  But at least it’s from age 2 to 4.

The one on the right is from 4 to 9!


I was slowing down I guess, since when Jackson was 4, we had Chrissy.


Photo Books 018         Photo Books 017











Here are her three early photo books, again, up to a year, from age 2 to 4, then 4 to 6.

Photo Books 025

Maybe a little smaller.  But not tooooo much, right?

Photo Books 021               Photo Books 022








Her first birthday cake celebration.  I guess we kept that high chair for a while, huh?  And the rattle!  It’s the same one!  I guess I really held on to things.

Photo Books 024 Now I ask you, who’s cuter?  Them, or the stuffed animals?  It’s them, I know it…. you don’t have to think about it.

Photo Books 026


So here are some of the boxes that we will be putting into storage in the garage in Maryland while we are building the house.   And I not only hold on to things for a long time, I’m also prepared for the future:

Photo Books

Neither one has children.  Yet.  Be prepared.  That’s my motto.  (Well, I guess it is now.)

Here they are, cute as can be.

Chrissy GW law....cropped

Those were some interesting boxes!


  1. Awww, what nice memories. And pictures. :) But a big job cleaning out the attic!


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