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I was busy working in the garden last week, planting some cool weather herbs and veggies, and now I’m on the hunt for something they don’t have around here.  Broccoli raab. I don’t know why nobody has it. It’s not that unusual an item.  But it made me decide to put in some brussel sprouts.  I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but it makes perfect sense to me.  They are all over the place and I have a little room to spare.

What we have so far is arugula and garlic, chives and celery seedlings, and parsley, cilantro and thyme. I also planted more parsley (by way of seeds), and peas and spinach.

I’ll be away this week, back in Jersey, and you can bet I’m scouting around for some broccoli raab! Meanwhile, I saw this wonderful article on gardening.  It’s from and it’s very interesting and informative.   Hopefully it will get you in the gardening mood and help answer any questions you might have if you’re just starting out.  And I’d love to hear about your gardens!




  1. You’ve been busy! That’s a great chart; I love it! It’s very helpful. I’m so excited for spring and gardening. I have my herbs ready; now I can’t wait to get some tomatoes and peppers.

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