And the Tide Will Fall


In December, John, Gene and I went on a fishing trip.  Yep, in December.  In Maryland.  And that is precisely why we wanted to move here.  We have all the seasons, (personally I’d give up the cold for warmer climates if you want the truth), but winters are shorter.  However, along with some extremely high tides, (read “And the Tide Will Rise”) come some very low tides.  We found this out when we ran aground that day.  We were soooo close, but not close enough!

John braved the cold water to go get Gene and I some waders.  He’s the best!

pictures from phone 440

Here he is coming to rescue us:

Low Tide

The only boat this is a problem for is the “Captain Joe”, our fishing boat named in honor of John’s dad. It’s bigger and heavier than the others, and it’s the one we take outside our river into the Chesapeake Bay to fish.  It’s a Glacier Bay so technically it’s a catamaran.   We saw one when we were out fishing one day, and thought it would be perfect for us because of its stability and because it has a “bathroom” – always a good thing!    So we began a search and found one online that was in a boatyard in south Jersey.  It needed some attention but we fell in love with it the minute we saw it.


So we bought him, fixed him up, and brought him home:

Little Choptank 2012 April 1 and 2 New Boat 007

Meanwhile, back at our low tide story, Gene is out there waiting for his turn to come in:

low tide

John has to go back and forth taking off the tackle:

Little Choptank 2014 L Nov, Dec and other pics 247

I wish I could tell you that we caught some monster fish that day. We caught a couple small ones, but we let them go. (There are size limits.)  We enjoy catching anything but we’re always on the lookout for stripers (striped bass) – although we have to get used to calling them rockfish like they do here in Maryland.  For some reason we’ve had more luck catching them in Montauk:

Montauk Vacation July 22-29, 06 142 Montauk Vacation July 22-29, 06 144

But we’re learning some of the tricks to catching them here:


Little Choptank 2012 May 22-29 Memorial 158

We couldn’t bring the Capt. Joe back into the dock till later that night when the tide rose again.  But he looked so nice sitting out there:

Little Choptank 2014 L Nov, Dec and other pics 259

Till next time.

Little Choptank 2014 L Nov, Dec and other pics 246