Our Kayak Trip


One of the (many) benefits when we finally move to our place in Maryland will be that we can take advantage of the calm weather to take the kayak out.  It is frequently windy, and even if there is a slight breeze, it makes it harder to paddle.  And for a couple of our visits over the past few months, it was not only windy, but rainy as well.  Except last time.  It was a beautiful, calm day and we took advantage of it.

Little Choptank 2013 F June 6 to 10 034wtmk

Little Choptank 2013 F June 6 to 10 021wtmk

This is just across the little cove.  The storms have knocked down a lot of the trees.

Little Choptank 2013 F June 6 to 10 029wtmk

This is way over on the other side of the river, look how calm it is!  Isn’t that little house cute?  I’d love to see the inside!

Little Choptank 2013 F June 6 to 10 025wtmk

Damage from all the storms just wear away the land. I wonder how long till that little piece is gone all together.

Little Choptank 2013 F June 6 to 10 032wtmk

There are a lot of osprey in the area, they build their nests on the channel markers, or in the trees, or on stands that people put up just for them!  This one belongs to our neighbor.

Little Choptank 2013  G June 20 to 24th 008wtmk

Kids love collecting these snails.  There are oysters around also.  And of course, crabs.  But this day, only the snails posed for a picture.

Little Choptank 2013 F June 6 to 10 037wtmk

And on our way back in, we got such a treat!  The white heron came into the cove to search for some food.  If you get too close, they fly away, so we were on the other side of the cove taking this picture.

We’re thinking this is what our retirement is all about.  What a beautiful morning!

We have a boat!


What do you think you get right after you build a dock?  A boat, of course!  This is a big part of the dream we have for our retirement.  We’re a fishing family, we all love it.  And anybody who doesn’t want to fish, well, just enjoys the ride.  John was thinking we’d get a “real” fishing boat first.  But after a bit, he agreed that the fishing boat could wait, and we’d get a “putzing” boat!  A party boat.  A cruisin’ around taking in the sites boat.  A pontoon boat!

Little Choptank, NEW BOAT, April 08 034wtmk

Here it is getting delivered.  It’s a used boat, but in great shape, and from this day on I call it MY boat.

Little Choptank, NEW BOAT, April 08 041wtmk

Little Choptank, NEW BOAT, April 08 045wtmk


Little Choptank, NEW BOAT, April 08 048wtmk

Little Choptank, NEW BOAT, April 08 054wtmk

The guy from the marina is explaining to John how my boat works.  John’s a licensed captain, and he’s familiar with boats, but each one is different, and it doesn’t hurt to know all you can.

Little Choptank, NEW BOAT, April 08 060wtmk

John’s fixing up the piling so my boat doesn’t get scratched.

Little Choptank - July 08 new 116wtmk

Here’s the inside….. it’s like having your back deck on the water.  The seats are so comfy, there’s a table for your snacks, holders for your drinks, and a great stereo for listening to Jimmy Buffett!  I sound like a pontoon boat salesperson!



And  the moment we had been waiting two years for –  (since we bought the property)……..    our first boat ride!

Little Choptank, NEW BOAT, April 08 070wtmk

Who’s happier than us right now?

Little Choptank, NEW BOAT, April 08 080wtmk


And here are those osprey nests I was telling you about……

Little Choptank, NEW BOAT, April 08 078wtmk

Little Choptank, NEW BOAT, April 08 077wtmk

Little Choptank - July 08 new 122wtmk

See, that one has a little solar panel to keep the nest warm.  Cute, huh?  I really don’t know who set up these osprey nesting areas, maybe the DNR (Department of Natural Resources).  I’m not sure, but that would make sense to me, so that’s what I’m going with.

Here’s my boat all tucked in……

Little Choptank, NEW BOAT, April 08 094wtmk

Try not to wait too long to start thinking and planning and dreaming of what you’ll do in the next chapter of your life.  I’m so glad we have a plan, and something to look forward to. It makes all the difference.  Enjoy the sunset………

Little Choptank - July 08 new 106wtmk


Sitting on the Dock of the Bay


Little Choptank - July 08 new 182wtmk

Who could be happier than a man with his dock, his boat, and a gorgeous sunset.

As promised, here are pictures of the dock.  When we first looked at the property, the dock was in terrible shape, you could tell it was very unloved.


We were just happy we had one, because we thought it would save us all the time and expense of getting a new permit.  We reasoned we were just improving what was already there.  But no.  That’s not how it went.  We still had to wait for all the permits to be approved, and pay quite a bit for the pleasure.  Still, fishing and boating are a BIG part of our lives (or would be once we got all this work done) and we wound up fixing up the dock even before we started the “crab shack”.  Like I said, we had our priorities!

Little Choptank, NEW BOAT, April 08and May 079wtmk


Little Choptank, NEW BOAT, April 08and May 080wtmk


Little Choptank, NEW BOAT, April 08and May 081wtmk


It was an interesting process to watch.  We decided to add a cutting table and a bench, along with lights and electric of course.



Little Choptank 2010  Feb 18 043wtmk

We’ve had some visitors……

Little Choptank April 24-26, 09 043wtmk


Little Choptank Sept3-8 09 066wtmk

But one visitor we really didn’t want……

osprey nestwtmk

osprey nest on cutting boardwtmk

An osprey!  Although it would have been interesting to watch them with their babies, they would render the table unusable for a very long time.  Plus they would squawk and fly around our heads, and “mess” up the dock.  So we re-located their nest out on the “point,” closer to the water and away from where we would hang out.  But they wound up abandoning that nest.  But – don’t worry – there are  plenty of other friendly places for them to build, specific places that are built for them, with solar warmed platforms, so we’re confident they found another home that year.  One year we had to take the top of the cutting table completely off since they were so persistent!  But then, Thom our builder, told us to put up one of those plastic owls in the spring before nesting season, and so far we’ve been lucky they haven’t tried to rebuild again on the cutting table.


We’ve since added a couple more boats,  which I’m sure you’ll see in future posts.  But for now, we are enjoying fishing from the dock, or heading out on one of the boats to take a ride, or to fish,  or just sitting on the dock watching the sunset.  (One of my all time favorite past times!)  Enjoy!

Little Choptank August 10-12 2008 035wtmk